information on renting

information on renting

When you do find a property, a contract will be drawn up for a period of 4 years, with the chance of renewal for a further 4 years. The tenant may give notice to leave so is not tied in for the whole 4 years. This contract will be in Italian but translations can be organized.

On signing the contract you pay 3 months rent in advance, 3 months condo fees in advance (if moving into a condominium or residence) plus a security deposit of usually the equivalent of 3 months rent. Further possible costs at this stage are the registration tax which is currently 2% of the annual rent and is shared equally between the tenant and the landlord; tax stamps (bolli) which are paid by the tenant and at time of writing usually run to approx. euro 90,00. At this stage you would also pay the commission fee of 12% - 15% of the annual rent + VAT at 21% to the agency which finds you the property.

Utilities and local taxes are not included in a contract and will be paid directly to the appropriate company/office.

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